Monday, December 15, 2014

Another bad day in Paradise

Lag wil do it....and not updating your browser for Second Life...and i'm good at not updating!

Tango Mango :D

Love Ocho Rios....REAL tango plays...and REAL tango dances..drama (of the good kind!) and all!!
Very well built place, low lag, great early 20th century ambience..Absolutely lovely!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Recurrent dance partner Joao

Joao couldn't wait to try the Intan dance ball at the new dome I build over my home. He kept coming back while the dome was only a piece of round wood until it was finished.
 Oh that house was nice...I built it up high in the sky (3000 meters) for less lag, and the dances were fluid and smooth!

Now the house is gone so we go places and try every button in those Intans. We're addicted!! :D This one is at the Looking Glass...great medieval fantasy place!

Mesh and lag don't mix!

Pieces of people dancing while I hosted!  Mesh really gets messy when it's laggy LOL

Attack of the giant mesh dress!

When in Paris, do as Parisians do!

Leo was only a few days old in SL when we started talking at a jazz club. His avi was pretty good but he was up for a little makeover. After a few trials, he chose this sleek look...awesome huh? :D

And of course, he's from France and wanted to see France's virtual version, so I took him around Paris.And when in Paris, do as the Romans do, I mean, the French can can!!  
We went to the Moulin Rouge and did  a little can can dancing...sure we need to practice for coordination next time....but it was fun and the music was great :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MOJO Skin Shop

I love Mojo skins but this last week what I liked the most was the new winter landscape they've set up right outside the shop. Check out the pics :)

And adding a little twist to the environment it is...just love the place!!

New Christmas Tree called Knotso

This is my friend Knotso, who decided to literally incarnate the spirit of he became a Christmas tree. I still am amazed that he survived staying there as a non-human LOL.

Here we go...enjoy the pic :D (not great graphic quality, but great fun quality :D )

Yes!! that's an avatar LOL :D

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alright! I talked to Coobs and obtained his permission to post his flicker page :D
Enjoy!! :D   

Coobs' Flickr Page!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Sarawak sim and my old friend

After many months of not seeing him, my good old friend Coobs re-emerges from the bowels of real life back into Second Life. Turns out that he's gotten into photography as well and we go to a beautiful place of his choice to experiment a little. Sarawak a gorgeous sim that is landscaped like no other...not just beautiful but very realistic, yet maintaining a sense of magic.

The windlight settings (environmental settings such as the sky and water appearance) that you will see in the pictures here are not the original ones at Sarawak. The sim settings are totally realistic, but I manipulated them for the pictures.

We stood on an little island off the main shore off a river delta and started 'shooting'. His highly detailed avatar was ideal for a portrait, with rich textures and colors.
I do love this look with the mauve expansive skies, which gives it a feeling of fantasy...but the next picture was a better and more realistic opportunity to show his anatomy, earthly colors and outfit. I think it also reflects the true person behind the avatar, in a stronger and more pensive stance.

Coobs showed me his SL photography but I forgot to ask for permission to add a link to my posts so you all could see. I will ask him next time I see him! He has a beautiful sense of composition and his art is full of light, magic and detail!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cerridwen's Cauldron is one of my favorite places in Second Life.

The shop has all kinds of fantasy items for your land and your avatar.
And it's a fun place to visit!! From beautiful fantasy castles with deep medieval feel to a Pandora-like magical garden, this is one of the best built and most beautiful places in Second Life.

The guided tour on the dragon is one of the best experiences in Second Life and it's free! You will ride on your own or with a friend on top of a beautifully designed dragon that takes you around the incredibly beautiful sim.

Or you can take the tour in the dragon-shaped boats and navigate the waterways surrounded by .astounding vegetation and beautiful buildings. The dragon roars eerily but he's as gentle and he's beautfiful!

Here I am on the dragon :D YAYYYYYYYYYYY hehe...I just love it :)

Or just fly or walk around the shores, the magical garden, underwater garden and is a place you will not forget after your first visit.

Enjoy your stay and the rides it all with dreamy background music.

I also like going to the shore, walking into the water and playing with windlight settings to practice photography in Second Life. Here are some of the shots


Sunday, July 20, 2014

First post!! Hello!! :)

Heyyyy :D
This is Stormy!  I love taking pictures from Second Life and thought of a safe way to store them and share them.

So here I am figuring Blogger out and sharing some recent pictures from places I visit. Some pictures will be just experiments in digital editing (using GIMP) and windlight setting manipulation in Second Life. I don't have Photoshop and I'm not trained in graphic arts, but it's still a lot of fun.

I will try to mention the name of the places in case you want to visit.