Friday, August 29, 2014

Cerridwen's Cauldron is one of my favorite places in Second Life.

The shop has all kinds of fantasy items for your land and your avatar.
And it's a fun place to visit!! From beautiful fantasy castles with deep medieval feel to a Pandora-like magical garden, this is one of the best built and most beautiful places in Second Life.

The guided tour on the dragon is one of the best experiences in Second Life and it's free! You will ride on your own or with a friend on top of a beautifully designed dragon that takes you around the incredibly beautiful sim.

Or you can take the tour in the dragon-shaped boats and navigate the waterways surrounded by .astounding vegetation and beautiful buildings. The dragon roars eerily but he's as gentle and he's beautfiful!

Here I am on the dragon :D YAYYYYYYYYYYY hehe...I just love it :)

Or just fly or walk around the shores, the magical garden, underwater garden and is a place you will not forget after your first visit.

Enjoy your stay and the rides it all with dreamy background music.

I also like going to the shore, walking into the water and playing with windlight settings to practice photography in Second Life. Here are some of the shots


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