Sunday, May 24, 2015

Examining plans, re-examining them...scratching them out and starting over.

It comes to a point where you start putting 'dummies' of the buildings that you want in your sim, just to have an idea of how it's going to be organize and you realize even one basic region (15,000 prims and over 64K square meters of virtual land) is a gigantic project.
I scratched my plans 2's the second plan that had to be tossed only to start over lol.....
I am in love with a red building (I think it's in Bairro Alto) but....1 red building can break the 'mood' if you want to capture the mostly-pastel, mostly-white and yellow atmosphere of Lisbon. The red roofs are a must, but how to place them on a flat surface when Lisbon is built over 7 hills? light can i capture the golden light of Lisbon nights?

This is when i realized the task of terraforming, stone stairs as roads and lighting had to be more noticeable if i was going to capture the 'flavor' of Lisbon.

Wish I could do a replica but I'm doing this on my own time and money, so that's out of the question...I'll have to capture the spirit!! :)

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